Private Equity and Finance: Strategy

We invest in quality businesses where operational improvement is the primary driver of value creation. In many instances, these businesses are experiencing temporary operational or financial challenges that impede results. In others, they offer a platform for growth with the addition of strategic advice and targeted capital. We favor a focused approach to industries over an opportunistic one, with the view that protecting and enhancing our investment is best achieved through depth of experience and the knowledge that comes from managing similar businesses over multiple economic cycles.

Private Equity: Our private equity investment strategies include direct equity placements and rights offerings, buyouts, convertible debt financings, restructurings and recapitalizations and operational turnarounds. We have deployed more than $5 billion executing these strategies. Our investments are structured to meet the specific transactional requirements of companies and their principal stakeholders; and we often invest in businesses having significant intrinsic value but little or no immediate operating earnings. Our capital is long term which enables us to focus on business improvement and the adoption of changes that add value and strengthen fundamental earnings generating capabilities. Generally, we seek businesses in which we can invest $50 million to $200 million over the term of our involvement. We also have the ability and history of leading larger investments in excess of $1 billion.

Debt Strategies: Our specialty lending activities include event driven bridge loans and other specialty debt finance solutions tailored to meet the needs of mid-market companies. We have committed over $5 billion of bridge loan capital and provided funding for acquisition and growth transactions, buy-outs, monetization or leveraging of assets, recapitalizations and refinancing and interim capital solutions. Our minimum loan size is $20 million.

Brookfield Asset Management's Private Equity and Finance Strategy