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Assets Under Management
Operating Employees

We are one of the world’s largest investors, owners and operators of infrastructure assets globally across the utilities, transport, energy, data infrastructure and sustainable resources sectors. Our portfolio, grounded in 120 years of investment experience, provides diversified exposure to scarce, high-quality businesses with significant barriers to entry. We invest in infrastructure assets that deliver essential goods and services—from the movement of passengers and freight across toll roads and rail networks, to the distribution of energy and other products through ports and pipelines, and much more.

Across our public and private investment vehicles, we generate value by pursuing an operations-oriented management approach, one that is reinforced by the extensive operational expertise of our management teams. Our long-term objective, which we have a strong track record of achieving, is to generate steady and growing returns to our investors.

Our businesses generally operate under regulated or contractual frameworks that provide sustainable cash flows. Because our assets are diversified by sector and geography, our portfolio’s exposure to any single counterparty, regulatory regime or market fluctuation is reduced.

Investing with Brookfield
As real asset investors, we create value in three principal ways: by generating consistent, sustainable cash flows; making operational improvements to our businesses; and monetizing at the right time. The high-quality, long-life nature of our asset base tends to provide insulation from the extremes of market cycles. Nevertheless, we always seek downside protection, and we’re proud of our ability to generate strong risk-adjusted returns across all market conditions. 

We offer one of the few pure-play, publicly traded global infrastructure entities, Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, available today. Investors can also participate in the growth of our assets through our private funds. In addition, we offer access to listed infrastructure funds through our public securities business.



We own and operate transmission lines, a regulated terminal and electricity and natural gas distribution in five countries.



We own and operate port, rail and toll road assets moving freight, bulk commodities and passengers in North and South America, Europe, India and Australia.



We own and operate energy transmission, distribution and storage infrastructure in four countries, including one of the largest natural gas transmission and pipeline systems in the U.S.


Data Infrastructure

We own and operate multi-purpose towers, rooftop sites and fiber backbone lines that provide essential services and infrastructure to the media broadcasting and telecom sectors.


Sustainable Resources

We own and manage four million acres of timberlands and 600,000 acres of agricultural operations in North and South America that provide the raw materials for essential goods and services.