Financial, Advisory & Other Services

Brookfield Financial
Brookfield Financial is a global investment bank with expertise in real assets, particularly property, power and infrastructure. We have offices in Canada, the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Asia and Australia, as well as an expanding network of contacts and partners around the world. We provide clients with unsurpassed transaction execution skills, access to financial capital, and, when needed, the resources and expertise of Brookfield Asset Management. Brookfield Financial's range of global advisory services includes:
  • M&A advisory
  • Debt placements
  • Project finance
  • Asset brokerage
  • Structured transactions
Brookfield Investment Management
Brookfield Investment Management focuses on specialized equity and fixed income securities investments. The firm has 30 years of experience in global listed real estate and infrastructure equities, corporate credit and securitized credit strategies. Headquartered in New York, Brookfield Investment Management maintains offices and investment teams in Toronto, Chicago, Boston and London.

Brookfield Investment Management has successfully developed a number of strategies to serve the needs of institutional and individual clients. These strategies incorporate a consistent, value-based investment philosophy that is founded upon the following principles:
  • Invest where we possess competitive advantages
  • Focus upon investments with sustainable cash flows to enhance certainty and reduce risk
  • Recognize that superior returns often require contrarian thinking
  • Measure success over the long term
  • Encourage calculated risks, but compare returns with risk

Brookfield Multiplex
Brookfield Multiplex is an accomplished international contracting and development business with a distinguished 50-year track record of building, engineering and maintaining complex property and infrastructure projects. Originally founded in Australia, its operations span nine countries across Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. Brookfield Multiplex has successfully completed a broad range of  property and infrastructure projects, including large-scale and complex landmark buildings such as Emirates Tower in Dubai, commercial structures such as Alkimos Wastewater Treatment Plant in Australia, and social infrastructure such as Peterborough Hospitals in the UK.