Brookfield has over 35-years of experience directly owning, managing and financing timberlands, and paper and forest product companies in North and South America, and has been an owner, operator and developer of agricultural land in Brazil for more than 30 years. Today, we own and manage over $3 billion of these assets.

We leverage what we believe are our leading sustainable resource operating platforms to offer timberland and agriculture investment strategies that aim to achieve superior, long-term, risk-adjusted returns.

We manage a series of sustainable resource funds, and since 2008 have launched the funds described below.

Fund Description

Agriculture Fund I & II
Vintage: 2009/2016

Invests in agriculture, targeting regions that have the ability to produce a number of agricultural products in a cost-competitive manner and provide some product and geographic diversity while maintaining a degree of asset concentration to generate economies of scale through large-scale farming. Learn more about Brookfield Brazil.
Timber Fund I & II
Vintage: 2008/2012
Invests in pine and eucalyptus timberlands, with the strategy to purchase bare land, land with existing plantations, or options to acquire land at a future date. Learn more about Brookfield Brazil.
Timberlands Fund V
Vintage: 2012
Invests in large-scale, high quality timberland assets, primarily in the United States and Australia, on a value basis and actively manage them to seek to achieve attractive risk-adjusted total returns over the long term.

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