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Corporate Social Responsibility

Throughout our history, we have learned that acting responsibly toward our stakeholders is fundamental to operating a productive, profitable business. It is for this reason that we embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles across our operations and pursue philanthropic initiatives that  strengthen our foundations in the communities in which we do business. These efforts help us ensure that our business model is sustainable well into the future. 

Our Principles

The following principles and associated practices ensure that we manage our investments with integrity, balancing economic goals with good corporate citizenship.

  • Environmental Stewardship: Use natural resources efficiently throughout our portfolio and commit to understanding, minimizing, and managing any environmental impacts resulting from our operations. Aim to protect and enhance the ecosystems and communities that surround us while delivering value and accountability to our many stakeholders. Train employees at all levels to exercise environmental stewardship as it applies to their responsibilities. 
  • Employee Well-Being: Meet or exceed all applicable labor laws and standards in jurisdictions in which we operate, which includes respecting human rights, offering competitive wages, providing safe work environments, and implementing non-discriminatory, fully inclusive hiring practices. We also aim to have zero serious safety incidents across our operations and assets and adhere to a comprehensive set of health and safety practices that support the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and others who come into contact with our operations.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with community groups potentially affected by our actions to ensure that their interests and concerns are appropriately integrated into our decisions.
  • Governance, Ethics & Fairness: Operate with high ethical standards by conducting business activities in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
  • Corporate Citizenship: Empower our employees to participate in, and use our resources to give back to, the communities in which we operate.
  • Transparency: Be accessible to our investors, responsive to requests for information and timely in our communications.

Environmental Stewardship

With more than a century of experience in the power sector, we have developed particular expertise in hydroelectricity, the management of watersheds, and environmental preservation. Across our business, we pursue innovative programs and systems that foster environmental responsibility. 

  • Penobscot River, U.S.
    The Penobscot River Restoration Project in Maine is one of the largest and most creative river restoration projects in the U.S. In an unprecedented collaboration, Brookfield Renewable, the Penobscot Indian Nation, six conservation groups, and state and federal agencies worked together to restore 11 species of sea-run fish to the Penobscot River, while maintaining clean energy production.
  • Água Viva and Biofossas Projects, Brazil
    These two projects led to the implementation of sewage disposal systems for small rural properties in Brazil. The families who benefitted from this initiative had no previous water treatment and sewage capabilities, and were suffering the environmental and health-related consequences.
  • Green Power, Ireland
    Brookfield Renewable Ireland not only sells clean power to Irish businesses but also runs its own operations with 100% green energy–including its Cork headquarters and every operational and administrative facility connected to its 21 wind farms in Ireland.

Employee Well-Being 

Because our employees are integral to our success, our management teams maintain high standards with respect to employee welfare. Safety training and protocols are constantly refined, and health and safety incident metrics are reviewed regularly. Our goal is to have zero serious safety incidents within all portfolio companies by following a set of health and safety principles that are applied across the global renewable businesses.

Ensuring Excellence in Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSS&E)
Brookfield Renewable is committed to minimizing and managing the potential environmental and public safety hazards associated with operating our renewable energy facilities. We believe that all accidents are preventable and provide HSS&E training to all employees and contractors. We place great importance on leadership, accountability, and applying a managed systems approach to health, safety, and environment.

Community Engagement

We believe that building strong partnerships with local and national stakeholders is good business. To ensure our interests are aligned, we continually look to involve our local communities and other stakeholders in both our existing businesses and our new investments. 

  • Kokish River, Canada
    We partnered with the ‘Namgis First Nation to develop a 45 MW, run-of-river hydroelectric project in British Columbia, Canada. The project received a 2015 Sustainable Electricity Award from the Canadian Electricity Association. 'Namgis Chief Debra Hanuse said the project “can serve as a model for how the private and public sectors can work with First Nations for the benefit of all.”
  • Disaster Response, U.S.
    Disaster Response is an integral part of our community involvement. For example, in 2016, torrential rain hit West Virginia, causing extreme flooding that resulted in 23 deaths and left thousands without power, shelter or access to basic supplies, including the family and friends of our local employees. We moved quickly to provide financial and logistical support to local aid organizations, helping the West Virginia community through a difficult time. 
  • Sustainable Local Communities, Europe
    Guided by our core values related to sustainable development, we have developed a program to help build sustainable communities around our operating assets in Europe. As part of this, we have contributed to the establishment of community centers and children’s leisure facilities, and provided IT equipment to schools. 


We believe that making a positive contribution to our local communities is a fundamental responsibility. Brookfield has a history of deep involvement in philanthropy and we continually work to instill a culture of charitable giving and volunteerism among our employees and business partners. 

  • Volunteer Campaign, Brazil

    In 2013, we launched an annual Christmas campaign in Brazil whereby employees can participate by donating toys to disadvantaged children in situations of social vulnerability. Brookfield volunteers also visit the children and participate in a day of activities and entertainment. 

  • Reviver Project, Brazil

    In Brazil, Brookfield helps fund and monitor an initiative that promotes income generation for socially vulnerable women through the recycling and reuse of plastic bottles. The bottles serve as a base for the production of decorative items and housewares, providing a source of income for program participants and diverting materials from landfills. 

  • Golf Tournament, North America

    Our annual North American Golf Tournament raises money and generates awareness for charities operating in the communities in which we live and work. Over the past 12 years, we have contributed over $3 million to benefit organizations across the continent. Year after year, our employees and sponsors take part in the tournament, helping to improve lives. 

  • 24H Tremblant, Canada

    Brookfield Renewable has been an active partner of Tremblant's 24th for over 10 years. With more than $1 million in total donations to date, the event gives us the opportunity to support great charities through valuable team-building events and contributions from our business partners, employees and their families. Every year, over 100 employees take part as volunteers or participants in the skiing, walking and running events.


Governance and Ethics 

Upholding fair and effective business practices is a cornerstone of being a responsible global citizen. Across Brookfield, we have adopted strong governance practices to ensure our activities are conducted with the utmost honesty and integrity and in full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. Brookfield’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets out the commitments expected by Brookfield. We believe this is critical to maintaining the confidence of our customers, investors and investees.

Brookfield maintains a reporting hotline to report suspected unethical, illegal or unsafe behavior in English and other languages. The reporting hotline can be accessed online or by jurisdiction as noted in the Code of Conduct.

For more information about Brookfield’s corporate governance practices, please visit our Board of Directors and Corporate Governance pages.