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Real Estate Equities

Our global Real Estate Equities strategies seek to identify mispriced investments within a broad universe of real estate securities through an investment process that combines our direct insight into global real estate markets with proprietary valuation tools and bottom-up research. We have a track record of investing in real estate securities that dates back to 2001.

Available Strategies

  • U.S. Real Estate Securities Value Income
  • Global Real Estate Securities Alpha
  • Global Real Estate Securities Long/Short

How to Invest
We offer multiple points of entry to our Real Estate Equities strategies, including separately managed accounts, mutual funds, UCITS funds and opportunistic strategies.

Infrastructure Equities

Our Infrastructure Equities strategies provide exposure to long-life assets delivering essential goods and services to the global economy. We have been actively investing in the infrastructure public markets since 2008, seeking out companies whose underlying infrastructure platforms position them to generate predictable, stable cash flows over the long term.

Available Strategies

  • Global Infrastructure Securities
  • Master Limited Partnership and Energy Infrastructure Securities
  • Global Infrastructure Securities Long/Short

How to Invest
We offer multiple points of entry to our Infrastructure Equities strategies, including separately managed accounts, mutual funds, UCITS funds, closed-end funds and opportunistic strategies.

Real Asset Debt

Our Real Asset Debt Strategy invests in publicly traded debt securities of global real estate, infrastructure and natural resource companies. Our objective is to provide investors with consistent returns across the corporate high-yield and investment-grade debt of companies with tangible underlying assets, while maintaining an overarching focus on capital preservation.

We are value investors who seek fundamentally creditworthy, attractively priced companies generating stable cash flows. Our portfolio construction and risk management processes are informed by extensive in-house research at the security level. Our team also benefits from Brookfield’s extensive informational resources, active participation in the global capital markets and direct investment experience across various real asset classes.

How to Invest
Investors can participate in our Real Asset Debt Strategy through separately managed accounts and closed-end funds.

Real Asset Solutions

Brookfield’s diversified real asset solutions invest in multiple asset classes across the capital structure and liquidity spectrum. Our strategies can approach individual investor needs  through several vehicle types, from separately managed accounts and private placements to SEC-registered mutual funds and UCITS. These solutions can offer a diversified approach to listed real assets, or combine these securities with private-market investments.  We also customize the strategies to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Diversified Real Assets Strategy
Our Diversified Real Assets Strategy invests globally in the equity and debt securities of publicly traded companies that derive cash flows from real assets. This multi-strategy solution allocates actively to three liquid real asset classes: real estate equities, infrastructure equities and real asset debt. Other asset classes are deemed to be more opportunistic in nature. Examples include natural resource equities, commodities and TIPS, where the potential to add alpha is greater in periods of elevated inflation.

In each of these asset classes, we seek the best opportunities on the basis of relative valuation and the potential for excess returns. Our goal is to identify the optimal combination of assets that balance the investment objectives of portfolio diversification, inflation protection, capital appreciation and current income. This approach combines diversified exposure to real asset cash flows with dynamic asset allocation, with the added public-market benefits of daily pricing, ongoing liquidity and corporate transparency.

Real Assets Hybrid Fund
The Real Assets Hybrid Fund provides a single-solution way to manage allocations across private funds and public securities in several real asset classes. This structure allows investors to diversify the drivers of risk and return across multiple investments, while also maintaining the liquidity to i) seek alpha-generating opportunities in periods of public-market dislocations ii) allocate to private markets across multiple vintage years and sectors and iii) meet periodic private-fund capital calls.

How to Invest
We offer multiple points of entry to our Real Asset Solutions, including separately managed accounts, mutual funds and UCITS funds.