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Renewable Power

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We are one of the largest pure-play renewable investors globally, with a particularly extensive track record in hydroelectric generation. Our assets, located in North and South America and Europe, include 840 generation facilities using hydro, wind and other renewable technologies. Leveraging our expertise as owners and operators, we focus on generating attractive total returns over the long term. 

Our business has a number of advantages supporting cash flow growth and capital appreciation, and benefits from technological and geographical diversification. In addition, we sell the majority of our power under long-term, inflation-linked contracts that allow us to capture increases in power prices over time. Our wind portfolio, which we began developing in 2006, is a strong complement to our core hydro platform, and we are achieving additional diversification with technologies like biomass and pumped storage.

We have fully developed operating platforms that allow us to maintain and grow our assets with on-the-ground expertise. 

Investing with Brookfield
As real asset investors, we create value in three primary ways: By generating consistent, sustainable cash flows; making operational improvements; and monetizing at the right time. The high-quality, long-life nature of our asset base tends to provide insulation from the extremes of market cycles. Nevertheless, we always seek downside protection, and we’re proud of our ability to generate strong risk-adjusted returns across all market conditions. 

Investors can access our renewables portfolio through our publicly listed vehicle, Brookfield Renewable Partners, or through our private funds.



Our hydroelectric generation business spans more than 80 river systems in North and South America and is the largest independently owned portfolio of its kind.
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We operate more than 77 wind farms across eight countries.

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Brookfield-Renewable-Pumped Storage


We own and operate a 600-megawatt storage facility in Massachusetts, one of only two of its kind in the region.
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We operate over 1,500 MW of utility- and distributed generation-scale solar plants.
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