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About Us

We are a leading global alternative asset manager, focused on investing in long-life, high quality assets across real estate, infrastructure, renewable power and private equity. Our investments include one of the largest portfolios of office properties in the world, an industry-leading infrastructure business spanning utilities, transport, energy, communications infrastructure and sustainable resources, and one of the largest pure-play renewable power businesses that include more than 200 hydroelectric facilities as well as several high quality business services and industrial companies. These businesses form the backbone of the global economy, supporting the endeavors of individuals, corporations and governments worldwide.  

As a global firm, we support the employment of over 80,000 people in more than 30 countries while working to create strong, profitable businesses. As these businesses grow, we commit to best-in-class corporate social responsibility practices, mindful of the important role they play in fostering long-term value creation.

Our Competitive Advantages

  • Global Presence
    Global Presence

    With more than 100 offices in over 30 countries, our global network gives us extraordinary access to proprietary deal flow.

  • Large Scale Capital
    Large-Scale Capital

    Our strong balance sheet and ready access to large-scale capital enables us to do transactions of a size that sets us apart.

  • Operational Expertise
    Operational Expertise
    We started as owners and operators of real assets, and continue to use our operational expertise to enhance cash flows, increase the value of underlying assets and produce solid long-term returns.
  • Contrarian Investors
    Contrarian Investors
    Our experience shows us that the best opportunities are often found in regions or sectors undergoing periods of financial or operational challenge.
  • Capital Preservation
    Capital Preservation
    Protecting the capital entrusted to us is at the forefront of how we think about risk, which means that we pursue a prudent and disciplined approach to investing and financing.
  • Alignment of interests
    Alignment of Interests
    Ensuring alignment of interests with our private fund investors is a priority for us: we are often one of the largest investors in our funds.
Our Heritage

Our approach to investing stems from our heritage as an owner and operator of real assets. Long before we were an asset manager, we invested our own capital to develop, own and operate these assets, which means we bring deep expertise to growing the businesses we acquire. In the early 2000s, with more than 100 years of investing experience behind us, we began inviting other private investors to partner with us.

This marked the start of our asset management business. Today, the scale of our global operations means we have significant access to proprietary deal flow, while the size and liquidity of our balance sheet allows us to pursue transactions few others are able to consider. To ensure our interests are aligned with our investors, we put our capital to work alongside theirs in every deal we do.

Our History

We got our start over a century ago, helping to launch Brazil’s first electrical and transport utility in 1899 and listing it on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1912. Since then, we have been directing capital toward real estate, renewable power and infrastructure assets that provide the foundation for economic pursuits around the globe.
  • Brookfield-1899-Brazil
    Beginnings in Brazil

    Canadian financiers William Mackenzie and Frederick Stark Pearson establish the São Paulo Railway, Light and Power Co. after introducing the first electric streetcars to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. They used capital raised on the Toronto Stock Exchange to launch the venture, which builds and operates electricity and transport infrastructure.

  • Brookfield-1912-PublicListing
    First Public Listing

    Mackenzie and Pearson’s company, known as “The Light” in Brazil, is incorporated and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as Brazilian Traction, Light and Power Co. Ltd. By the 1940s, it employs more than 50,000 people and supplies two-thirds of the country’s electric power.

  • Brookfield-1954-PeterBronfman
    Peter Bronfman

    Peter Bronfman, with proceeds from the sale of Seagram shares, begins investing in real assets. These early investments help set the stage for Brookfield’s emergence as an international investor and asset manager. 

  • Brookfield-1970-PartnershipFormation
    The Formation of the Partnership

    Peter Bronfman forms a partnership with his senior business colleagues, which eventually evolves into Partners Limited. The partnership continues today and still owns approximately 20% of Brookfield Asset Management.

  • Brookfield-1973-Renewables
    Re-entry into Renewables

    Brascan re-enters the hydroelectric business, purchasing Great Lakes Power in Ontario, post its sale of the original hydroelectric investments in Brazil. 

  • Brascan

    Peter Bronfman and Jack Cockwell lead the partnership to acquire control of Brascan, diversifying the business and expanding the capital base. Brascan’s name will later become Brookfield Asset Management to reflect its evolution into a global operator and investor.

  • Brookfield-1996-RealEstate-NY-Boston
    Real Estate Acquisitions in New York and Boston

    Brookfield acquires a group of marquee commercial properties from the distressed real estate developer Olympia & York. The 15 million square foot portfolio includes the World Financial Center, One Liberty Plaza, and 245 Park Avenue in New York City, launching Brookfield’s major U.S. expansion phase.

  • Brookfield-1999-RenewablesPlatform
    Growing Renewables Platform

    Brookfield embarks upon several hydroelectric acquisitions and developments in North and South America that significantly enlarge its renewables portfolio over the next decade.

  • Brookfield-2001-AssetManagement
    Asset Management Business

    Under Bruce Flatt and the next generation of leadership in the Partnership, Brookfield launches the first third-party fund, Brookfield Capital Partners I, allowing other private institutional investors to benefit from its experience owning and operating real assets. 

  • Brookfield-2003-Europe
    Foothold in Europe

    Brookfield establishes a presence in the European commercial property market by acquiring an interest in London’s Canary Wharf development.

  • Brookfield-2007-Going-Global
    Going Global

    Brookfield acquires Australian property manager and construction company Multiplex, expanding its operations in Australia, the Middle East and Europe.

  • Brookfield-2008-BIP-Launch
    Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Launch

    Brookfield Infrastructure Partners is launched as a public company. 

  • Brookfield-2009-Infrastructure
    Infrastructure Acquisition

    Brookfield acquires an $8.4 billion portfolio of ports, utilities and railroads with the purchase of a 40% interest in Australia’s Babcock & Brown Infrastructure group. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners subsequently merged with the group to become a global operator of utilities, transport, energy and communications infrastructure assets.

  • Brookfield-2010-GGP
    GGP Restructuring

    Brookfield leads the restructuring of GGP, the second largest U.S. mall owner, and closes Brookfield Infrastructure Fund I.

  • Brookfield-2011-BREP
    Brookfield Renewable Partners Launch

    Brookfield Renewable Partners is re-launched as a listed partnership with all of Brookfield's renewable assets. It boasts one of the world’s largest pure-play renewable power platforms.

  • Brookfield-2013-BrookfieldPlacePerth
    Brookfield Property Partners Launch

    Brookfield Property Partners is launched as a publicly traded global commercial property company.

  • Brookfield-2013-Expansion
    Expansion as an Asset Manager

    Brookfield closes Brookfield Infrastructure Fund II and Brookfield Strategic Real Estate Partners Fund I.

  • Brookfield-2015
    Canary Wharf Acquisition

    Brookfield and Partners take full control of the Canary Wharf Group in London.

  • Brookfield-2016-BBU
    Brookfield Business Partners Launch
    Brookfield Business Partners is launched as the fourth flagship public company, providing investors the ability to invest directly in the businesses within Brookfield’s private equity group.
  • 2016_fundraising_across_strategies
    $27B Raised Across Funds
    Brookfield raises $27B across a number of strategies, including the final close of Brookfield Infrastructure Fund III at $14B, Brookfield Strategic Real Estate Partners II at $9B, and Brookfield Capital Partners IV at $4B.

  • Brookfield-Terraform-2017
    TerraForm Acquisition
    Brookfield and partners acquire TerraForm Power and TerraForm Global, expanding its renewables presence into solar and distributed generation, and establishing footholds in India and China.
How We Invest

First and foremost, we are value investors with a contrarian point of view. We have learned that some of the best opportunities are found in sectors or regions where capital is scarce.

Our investment strategy is simple: utilize our global team of investment professionals, our vast network of employees across our operating businesses, and our industry partners to identify and acquire high quality assets at favorable valuations and finance them on a long-term, low-risk basis.

We then create value by increasing cash flows and asset values, and realizing the investment at the right time. Because the businesses we invest in form the backbone of the global economy, we are able to make operational improvements, generate steady cash flows and generally provide insulation from the extremes of market cycles. Nevertheless, we always seek downside protection, and we’re proud of our ability to generate strong risk-adjusted returns across all market conditions.