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Working at Brookfield

We put as much time and care into our hiring decisions as we do into our investment decisions, and we take a long term approach to both.

Working at Brookfield means becoming part of a global alternative asset manager that has owned and operated real-asset based businesses for 120 years. It means joining a global team committed to generating superior long-term investment returns and being part of a collaborative, results-oriented culture. 

Even as we continue to grow, we maintain our entrepreneurial approach. The size, scale and breadth of our business—spanning multiple continents, sectors and markets—translate into unique and varied career opportunities for our employees. Our people work on some of the largest real estate, infrastructure and renewable power transactions in the world. Both our business model and culture make it possible to build a career that is dynamic, multidisciplinary and international in scope. We have a “grow our own” talent strategy where our emphasis on developing executives is supported by our flat organizational structure and long-term focus. Personal development comes in the form of “on the job learning” and “stretch” roles to expand employees' comfort zones supported by exposure to new activities, new geographies and new teams.

"We have the unique opportunity here to take our own ideas and see them grow into a transaction, no matter what our level. It is rare to contribute in such a meaningful way, with no regard to level or title."

“Part of the reason people are so happy here, and are able to craft successful long-term careers, is because the business growth creates extraordinary opportunities. This is the type of institution where instead of having to leave to find that next role, an opportunity surfaces in another part of the company.”

Our Culture

Our culture is built on mutual respect, teamwork and passion, and we are proud to say that these values are ingrained in our organization. Senior leaders work side-by-side with colleagues of all levels; initiative and hard work, rather than job title, determine one’s degree of responsibility; and the intensity of collaboration among employees globally creates and maintains an entrepreneurial feeling, despite our actual size.

"Even though we are big, we act like a small firm. Senior management rolls up their sleeves with us to get the work done."

"Responsibility is given based on capabilities and contributions, not title."


"This is a hardworking, results-oriented culture. Entrepreneurial people thrive here."

How We Hire

We have a long-term focus: when we hire, we look for people who can build a career at Brookfield. We are committed to developing our employees and we invest in them by creating opportunities across our various businesses and regions. This approach enables us to build teams and cultivate leaders whose values match those of the firm and whose commitment to Brookfield is long term. When hiring, we place great value on referrals from Brookfield employees. If you have contacts within Brookfield, we encourage you to reach out to them to learn more about working here. 


“We look for people who are passionate and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Patience, respect, collaboration and a commitment to shared success are key attributes of success at Brookfield.”

“We look for people who are really ready to be stretched and tested in ways they wouldn’t experience on a traditional career path.”

“We invest a lot of time in our hiring process in order to find the right fit. We hire not just for the role on the table, but for future potential.”