Web Fraud and Phishing Warning

Brookfield1 is a global leader in alternative asset management. Unfortunately, fraudsters sometimes try to use Brookfield’s name and brand to scam and defraud others. The actions of these unauthorized persons are not associated with Brookfield and, as such, Brookfield is not responsible for the consequences of any of these fraudulent activities..

Common examples of fraudulent activities include:

  • Wire (Bank) Transfer Fraud: Fraudsters may reach out to you, typically by phone but also by other means, giving you a fake and pressing story that needs you to transfer money into or out of your bank account. Fraudsters posing as Brookfield may also offer high profits on your investment with low or no risk. 
  • Investment Frauds: You may receive messages from fraudsters who claim to offer "high return" and similar investments through Brookfield. These "high return investment plans" are usually fake. To learn more about high return investment plans and how to avoid them, visit the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission webpage.
  • Job Offer/Social Media Scams: Fraudsters may pretend to be a company on a website or social media account and may target job seekers through posts and paid ads. Imposters may also send fake emails claiming to offer employment at Brookfield and misusing the official Brookfield logo. These emails do not come from Brookfield or any of our affiliates. The only social media accounts that Brookfield uses are: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Email or Text Message Phishing: This is when a cybercriminal pretends to be someone trustworthy and sends you an email or text message asking you to click a link, open an attachment, or share personal information. 
  • Voice Phishing (Vishing) over the Phone: This is when a phishing attacker uses the phone to impersonate someone from a company. 
  • Mobile Device App Scams: Fraudsters may take your personal information by creating mobile device apps that claim to be an official Brookfield app. The fraudsters ask for investments in non-existent funds and have no connection to Brookfield. The only app that Brookfield authorizes is Brookfield Events, an app for event coordination that is not for investment or commercial use.

Please be informed that Brookfield does not authorize any use of its name, brand, or reputation, and does not tolerate fraudulent activity. Brookfield reserves the right to take all appropriate steps to protect its legal rights and reputation.

Please note the following when communicating with Brookfield online:

  • Ensure that you are only using our authorized website —brookfield.com. No other websites are authorized by Brookfield.
  • Be vigilant when exchanging emails with Brookfield personnel and check email addresses carefully. The authorized:
    • Brookfield Asset Management email domain is @brookfield.com.
    • The following are authorized subdomains or related domains:
      • bpy.brookfield.com
      • bip.brookfield.com
      • bep.brookfield.com
      • bamr.brookfield.com
      • bip.brookfield.com/bipc
      • Bep.brookfield.com/bepc
      • Bam.brookfield.com
      • Bbu.brookfield.com
      • brookfieldoaktree.com
      • publicsecurities.brookfield.com
      • brookfieldrenewableus.com
    • Our employees and authorized representatives are not permitted to send or receive work-related emails from personal accounts. This is against Brookfield company policy. 
    • If you have concerns about a purported Brookfield website or e-mail communication, please contact us at privacyofficer@brookfield.com
    • Be cautious about responding to unsolicited emails that appear to have come from a Brookfield email address. Such emails may be “spoofed,” and may in fact have come from another email address at another domain name. Check email addresses carefully and respond only to known or authorized Brookfield email accounts at the domain names listed above.
    • Be cautious about clicking on links or opening attachments included with unsolicited emails that appear to have come from a Brookfield email address. These links may redirect to a non-Brookfield site, and these attachments may include malware.
    • Do not communicate or deal with personnel who are not affiliated with an authorized office. All authorized office locations are listed on our contact page. No other office locations are authorized offices of Brookfield and check the company name used via public records such as Companies House in the UK.
    • Fraudsters can pretend to be Brookfield to conduct various illegal activities. Be careful of schemes that claim to be associated with Brookfield and offer high profits on your investment with little or no risk.
    • Never share your login credentials and passwords with anyone, even to Brookfield personnel. If you forget your login credentials or password, we will issue you new ones.
    • Never provide financial account information over email or online, even to an authorized Brookfield personnel. Please note: Brookfield will never require potential candidates to pay for interviews or job offers. All vacancies are posted on our careers page and you will only be contacted by a Brookfield authorized domain (@brookfield.com). 
    • If you are aware of suspicious or potential fraudulent activity when communicating through email, please contact privacyofficer@brookfield.com for assistance.
    • For additional information on avoiding internet crimes, visit the FBI webpages on recent fraud and e-scams available at http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud/internet_fraud and http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/e-scams, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission webpage on fraud at http://investor.gov/investing-basics/avoiding-fraud.
    • If you think you may have been a victim of internet crime, you may contact these government entities to file a complaint:

Brookfield is not responsible for the content of third-party links and provides links to these resources for your informational purposes only.

If you have any questions about the security of any Brookfield communication or have concerns about a suspicious purported Brookfield website or e-mail communication, please contact us at privacyofficer@brookfield.com.

1 Brookfield means Brookfield Asset Management Ltd., Brookfield Asset Management ULC and their wholly owned subsidiaries (“Brookfield Subsidiary”) excluding operating and portfolio companies or entities that do not trade under the name Brookfield.