Sustainability Case Study: Electrification

Case Study
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Brookfield Private Equity’s Investment in BrandSafway Developing LAX’s Automated People Mover Project

Electrification is critical to modifying or replacing traditional fossil fuel consuming processes. BrandSafway has supported the development of the Automated People Mover (APM) construction project currently underway at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The APM is an electric train system that will transform the efficiency of one of the world’s largest airports, by providing free and reliable access to LAX while greatly reducing vehicle traffic to and from the airport. The APM will reduce the airport’s carbon footprint and is designed to be LEED Gold certified.


BrandSafway is supplying scaffolding and stairs across five APM stations and pedestrian walkways, as well as using the QuikDeck® Suspended Access System—a state-of-the-art modular access system—on the undersides of structures to keep the roadways beneath them open.

The train system will be on a 2-mile elevated guideway with six stations total. In addition to being free, the train will operate 24/7 and have the capacity to carry 200 passengers per train, with trains operating every two minutes during peak hours. The APM project is anticipated to be operational in 2024 with an estimated use of 30 million passengers per year, resulting in approximately 117,000 fewer vehicle miles traveled per day. The command center and maintenance facility is expected to generate nearly half its power from solar energy while the train cars will generate a portion of their own power through regenerative braking.