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Our Businesses

Real Estate

We are one of the largest investors, owners, developers and operators of real estate globally, providing diversified exposure to the world’s most dynamic and resilient markets.

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We are one of the largest private sector infrastructure investors operating toll roads, ports, rail, pipelines and transmission lines, that deliver goods and services to communities around the world.

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Renewable Power

We operate one of the world’s largest pure-play renewable businesses, anchored by a core portfolio of more than 200 hydroelectric assets, as well as a number of wind farms. 

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Private Equity

We own and operate high-quality businesses in the value chain of real assets, focusing on long-term growth and capital appreciation.

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One on One with Bruce Flatt

CEO Bruce Flatt talks about Brookfield's successes of 2018 and the opportunities ahead, including the outlook for retail and his perspective on valuations and interest rates.