Team Spotlight


joined Brookfield Properties
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desk moves
kids who love to read

What makes Brookfield unique?
It’s usually the case that you have to join several different companies to experience the global nature of an organization. Here, we collaborate with our counterparts across the globe daily, collaborating in real time to maximize knowledge sharing and optimize projects.

How would you describe what your team does?
The technology organization is a true partner to the business. Our mandate is to provide a phenomenal user experience that’s consistent across regions and teams, so our people have the tools to focus on the success of their projects, wherever they are.

“The one thing that remains constant at Brookfield is change. And with change comes opportunity.”

What’s been your favorite project so far?
Building a global experience for Brookfield employees. When we onboarded Australia and Brazil, I not only got to travel and experience different cultures, but also participated in projects that involved just about every aspect of our technology stack.

How has Brookfield supported your development?
My colleagues and the leadership team have been a fantastic support network, giving me the space to balance my career evolution with my life experiences, so I’ve been able to keep growing and learning.

How do you stay engaged?
It helps that technology moves fast. Staying curious helps me anticipate the next big thing and how it might apply to Brookfield. Having time for the things that keep me curious outside of work – like my kids, reading and traveling – helps me stay present on the job, too.