Iconic Office, Retail and Residential Real Estate in London

Investment Spotlight
The Canary Wharf estate is one of London’s primary financial districts, with over 8.5 million square feet of strategically located high-quality assets. In 2003, Brookfield acquired a minority interest in Canary Wharf Group, and in 2015, partnered with an institutional investor to privatize and acquire 100% of the company.

As one of London’s leading developers, Canary Wharf Group has a pipeline of over 9 million square feet, including nearly 2 million square feet under construction. The company is also the U.K.’s largest sustainable developer.

Canary_Wharf_Jubilee_Place Canary_Wharf_Jubilee_Place
Canary_Wharf_dusk Canary_Wharf_dusk

Brookfield has worked alongside Canary Wharf’s management team and its partners to position the estate as a true live-work-play environment. Leveraging operating expertise, placemaking capabilities and global tenant relationships, Brookfield has introduced new uses, expanded the tenant mix and capitalized on opportunities created by new transport infrastructure. This includes the expansion of the estate through the Wood Wharf development, a new urban district with over 3,000 homes.