Case Study
An Onshore Wind Portfolio in One of Europe’s Strongest Wind Resource Locations
Ireland is a prime location for wind power, and a place where wind is a competitive source of electricity in a natural gas fired market.
Case Study
Strategic Refocus Accelerates Growth of a Market Leader
Brookfield's acquisition of GrafTech led to an award-winning turnaround and significant value creation.
A "Greenergy" truck being filled with sustainable used cooking oil fuel.
Case Study
Recycling Food Waste Sustainably
Greenergy purchases waste oils from around the world to create clean, renewable biodiesel.
Case Study
A Leading Provider of Renewable Power Generation in Colombia
Isagen’s renewable generation can power 8 million households, accounting for about 20% of Colombia’s annual production.
BRK Ambiental 31
Case Study
Providing Critical Water and Sanitation Services in Brazil
Around half of the Brazilian population doesn’t have sewage collection in their homes. BRK Ambiental is helping to change that.
Case Study
A Natural Gas Pipeline Accounting for More Than Half of Brazil’s Natural Gas Demand
NTS’s high-quality pipeline covers more than 2,000 kilometers, crossing the densely populated states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.
Night view of lake and holiday park meeting center
Case Study
Quality Short-Break Holiday Destinations Across the U.K. and Ireland
Center Parcs offers high-quality accommodation, leisure facilities and indoor and outdoor activities in a woodland environment.
Overhead view of power facility and buildings
Case Study
Renewable Power for a Cleaner, Brighter Tomorrow
TerraForm substantial wind and solar energy assets help Brookfield expand its position as a global leader in renewable power.