An Integrated Logistics Provider in Brazil

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VLI is one of the largest integrated logistics operators in Brazil, with 4,800 km of rail, eight operating transshipment terminals and six port terminals. The company transports millions of tons of agricultural products and steel products, which are critical to the Brazilian economy.  

Brookfield invested in VLI in 2014. Since then, we have invested significantly in VLI to expand its rail fleet, add five inland terminals and transform its flagship port. As a result, VLI was able to add export capabilities, increase shipping capacity by 5x and reduce wait and load times by 80%.

Closeup of railroad tracks with oncoming train in distance
VLI Rails

VLI’s transportation operations are concentrated along five strategically located corridors with a high degree of logistics integration in the main regions of Brazil, producing goods and industrialized steel, agricultural and mineral products. The Center-North corridor, for example, makes an essential contribution to the development of the new agricultural frontier in the country, notably in the handling of grains. The Center-Southeast corridor is another example of strategic positioning, representing one of the leading export routes through the Port of Santos and the Luiz Antonio Mesquita Integrator Port Terminal (Tiplam), carrying mainly sugar and grains. 

In addition to logistics flows that combine speed, security and reliability, VLI is well-positioned to offer a complete structure of warehouses and silos that ensures the best service for this sector in Brazil.

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