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TDF is a leading independent communication infrastructure operator that provides essential data services and critical infrastructure to media broadcasting and telecom operators in France. In 2015, Brookfield formed a consortium with its institutional partners to acquire 100% of TDF. Given the increasing demand for mobile data and the investment need for mobile operators to improve their network quality, the portfolio offered strong growth potential.

Since acquisition, Brookfield has successfully developed a build-to-suit tower program, completed the build of more than 1,000 new towers and strengthened relationships with the major mobile network operators to position TDF as the 5G partner of choice. Today, the portfolio consists of 7,000 multi-purpose towers and active rooftop sites and 5,000 km of fiber backbone infrastructure.

Red and white telecommunications tower in France
TDF, France

Brookfield was attracted to TDF for its utility-like characteristics, which play a key role in providing customers and end users with data content. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to reliable connections became critical to supporting daily life, with the sudden increase in employees working from home, students learning remotely and patients accessing telemedicine. TDF’s fiber networks provided essential infrastructure for this increased demand in France as the company saw commercialization rates and average data consumption increase significantly compared with prior years.

Brookfield and its partners also continue to support TDF in strengthening its ESG credentials. In 2020, TDF received a score of 97 out of 100 in the GRESB Infrastructure Asset Assessment, the highest score for data infrastructure and transmission companies globally. 

TDF is well positioned to continue to benefit from the growth and consolidation of the French telecom tower market, as well as the acceleration of fiber rollout, which is a nationwide priority in France.