Connor Teskey, Managing Partner, Renewable Power

Connor Teskey

Managing Partner, CEO Renewable Power

Connor Teskey is a Managing Partner, Head of Brookfield’s Renewable Power Group and Chief Executive Officer of Brookfield Renewable Partners. Mr. Teskey is also Head of Europe for Brookfield Asset Management, responsible for corporate operations and oversight across Brookfield’s business in the region. 

Mr. Teskey joined Brookfield in 2012 in private equity in Toronto, where he focused on investments, financing and restructuring for both Brookfield’s private equity funds and Brookfield Asset Management, before relocating to London in 2016, ultimately leading the regional platform for Brookfield and overseeing renewable power investment activities globally as Chief Investment Officer of the Renewable Power business. Before joining Brookfield, Mr. Teskey worked in corporate debt origination at a Canadian bank.
Mr. Teskey holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) from the University of Western Ontario. 

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