Empowering Digital Connectivity Across India

Investment Spotlight
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Acquired in August 2020, Summit DigiTel is a portfolio of more than 135,000 communication towers that form the infrastructure backbone of Reliance Jio’s telecom business. These towers are strategically located for pan-India 4G coverage. The towers are well-positioned from a competitive perspective as they are largely connected by fiber backhaul, which provides a unique platform to capitalize on the rollout of 5G and future technologies in both dense urban and remote rural areas. Reliance Jio is an anchor tenant of the tower portfolio, under a 30-year agreement, providing a secure source of revenues for the tower company. 

A significant number of Summit DigiTel’s tower locations are unique and built on difficult terrains. In fact, 60% of the sites have exclusive locational advantages, with no other shareable sites in the vicinity. As an independently managed telecom infrastructure provider, the company is able to offer telecom infrastructure services to all the mobile network operators. We believe the business should play an important role in empowering digital connectivity and transforming the telecom infrastructure landscape across India.

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