A Natural Gas Pipeline Accounting for More Than Half of Brazil’s Natural Gas Demand

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In 2017, a Brookfield-led consortium acquired a 90% stake in Nova Transportadora do Sudeste SA (NTS). NTS is a well-located natural gas transportation system that spans more than 2,000 kilometers and connects key markets in Brazil, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. These states alone account for more than 50% of Brazil’s natural gas demand.  

NTS's operational capabilities span construction, installation, operation and maintenance of gas pipelines in Brazil's Southeast, providing safe and sustainable transportation of natural gas in the country's most industrialized region. The company connects shippers, who own the natural gas, to distributors, who deliver the gas to end consumers. The natural gas pipeline network has a contracted capacity to transport 158.2 million cubic meters of gas per day.

NTS Natural Gas Pipeline 3 NTS Natural Gas Pipeline 3
NTS Natural Gas Pipeline 2 NTS Natural Gas Pipeline 2

NTS plays an important role in Brazil's energy value chain, and the business provides predictable, stable, and inflation-protected cash flows. It operates under long-term agreements, with 100% of its transport capacity contracted under ship-or-pay agreements and no volume or usage risk. In May 2021, the Brookfield-led consortium acquired the remaining 10% stake in Nova Transportadora do Sudeste SA (NTS). 

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