Deep Dive: A Financial Infrastructure Evolution

Season 3, Episode 2

Deep Dive: A Financial Infrastructure Evolution

Goods can move by truck, train, ship, or plane, but how does money travel from point A to point B? Anuj Ranjan, Chief Executive Officer of Brookfield’s Private Equity business, and Sir Ron Kalifa, Vice Chair and Head of Financial Infrastructure Investment at Brookfield, unpack the topic of financial infrastructure, how it differs from traditional infrastructure, and how global mega-trends such as digitalization and deglobalization are driving a transformation of the global financial system. Nowhere is this more visible than in the global payments market, which must build at rapid scale to keep pace with enterprise and consumer demand.

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Featured Speakers

Anuj Ranjan, Managing Partner, Head of Business Development

Anuj Ranjan

CEO, Private Equity
Sir Ron Kalifa, Vice Chair, Private Equity

Sir Ron Kalifa

Vice Chair, Private Equity, Head of Financial Infrastructure Investing

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