Season 3

Brookfield Perspectives

Season Three: Digitalization

Brookfield Perspectives is a series that explores how we invest in the backbone of the global economy—the things you rely on every day that you may not even think about, like wind turbines, water treatment facilities, telecom towers and office buildings.

In our third season, we’re exploring another global megatrend: digitalization, the use of digital technologies to improve on analog systems and create additional value. Data is now the fastest-growing commodity in the world, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. These episodes will cover the investments necessary to support the exponential growth in data-driven technologies and consumption; how digitalization is transforming the global payments landscape; digital “twins,” which are empowering operators to maintain and optimize their infrastructure; and the investment tailwinds fueled by evolving consumer behavior and the growing digital backbone around the world.

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Deep Dive: Digital Twins
Brookfield Perspectives - Season 3, Episode 4
person using phone and credit card machine
Deep Dive: A Financial Infrastructure Evolution
Brookfield Perspectives - Season 3, Episode 2
Ascenty Data Center 3
Setting the Scene: Digitalization
Brookfield Perspectives - Season 3, Episode 1