Setting the Scene: Digitalization

Season 3, Episode 1

Setting the Scene: Digitalization

Data is the fastest-growing commodity in the world, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. We’re in the midst of an exponential surge in enterprise data storage and processing requirements, widespread adoption of the latest 5G technology and new use cases like generative AI. To set the scene for our four-episode arc on digitalization, we hear from Udhay Mathialagan, Managing Director and CEO of Brookfield’s Global Data Center Group, and Olivier Micheli, CEO of Data4, a European operator and investor in the data center market. They break out the big picture, trends and opportunities around the storage, transport and processing of data.

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Udhay Mathialagan, Managing Director, Infrastructure

Udhay Mathialagan

Managing Partner, Infrastructure
Olivier Micheli

Olivier Micheli

President, Data4

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