Season Two: Deglobalization

Season Two: Deglobalization

Brookfield Perspectives is a podcast series that explores how we invest in the backbone of the global economy—the things you rely on every day that you may not even think about, like wind turbines, water treatment facilities, telecom towers and office buildings. 

In our second season, we hear from key Brookfield executives and partners as we examine deglobalization, and how geopolitical shifts are presenting opportunities for businesses across the globe. Topics covered include: a broad survey of how a convergence of events over the last several years has driven this trend; onshoring/reshoring; evolving trade logistics; and energy resilience and security.


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Deep Dive: The New Trade Routes
Brookfield Perspectives - Season 2, Episode 4
Deep Dive: Building Energy Resilience
Brookfield Perspectives - Season 2, Episode 3
Deep Dive: Onshoring Critical Industries
Brookfield Perspectives - Season 2, Episode 2
Setting the Scene: Deglobalization
Brookfield Perspectives - Season 2, Episode 1