Brookfield Perspectives

Brookfield Perspectives is a podcast from one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers. Here, we explore how Brookfield invests in the backbone of the global economy—the things you rely on every day that you may not even think about—like wind turbines, water treatment facilities, telecom towers and office buildings.

In our second season, we dive into deglobalization and shifting supply chains, examining how these are presenting opportunities across global regions and asset classes.  


Listen by Season

Solar panels on a roof
Season One: Decarbonization
This first season explores our decades-long commitment to renewable energy, and how we’re investing through the world’s largest private fund dedicated to facilitating a net-zero economy.
Aerial view of a shipyard
Season Two: Deglobalization
In our second season, we dive into deglobalization, exploring how geopolitical shifts are presenting opportunities across onshoring/reshoring, trade logistics and energy resilience.

Recent Episodes

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