Brookfield Credit

From proprietary debt financings to syndicated debt structures, our direct lending and credit businesses focus – first and foremost – on the unique needs of each borrower. With over 20 years of credit investing experience, we’ve delivered risk-adjusted returns across both market cycles and asset classes.

Our Credit Strategies


Direct Lending

Our global credit business includes a diverse set of strategies. We offer private credit funds across real estate, infrastructure, renewable power, private equity, and corporate lending. Our roots in the asset class date back to 2001, and we have become a partner of choice for clients seeking a solutions-oriented approach across a variety of strategies:

  • Infrastructure Debt: We leverage our expertise and insight as one of the world's leading owner and operator of infrastructure asset across the transport, data, utilities and midstream sectors to provide private credit solutions across the full suite of infrastructure asset types.

  • Real Estate Debt:  As one of the largest real estate investors globally, we have access to data, insights and deal flow that we utilize to provide real estate finance capital to over 200 counterparties worldwide.

  • Special Investments Credit Strategy: We provide bespoke financing to counterparties and offer flexible, strategic capital solutions for companies whether they seek to grow, stabilize, access liquidity, or solve complex special situations.

Strategic Partnerships

Publishing Royalties: In 2022, we acquired a significant minority stake in Primary Wave Music as part of a new strategic partnership to fund future music catalog purchases. Increasing demand for content from streaming services and social media make iconic music IP a scarce and irreplaceable asset. Primary Wave’s music catalog consists of over 800 Top-10 singles, more than 400 #1 hits and some of the most legendary names in music.

Consumer and SME Credit: In 2018, we created a strategic partnership with LCM Partners, a pioneer in the European Consumer and SME loan market. LCM's Credit Opportunities strategy has a stellar 24 year track record of well-diversified performing, rescheduled and non-performing loans.

We also hold exclusive partnerships with specialty finance, leasing companies, and original equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to provide financing at the point of sale for their customers, allowing us to specifically target lending into the granular asset and SME space. LCM’s Strategic Origination and Lending Opportunities (SOLO) strategy invests in asset-backed loans, real-estate financing, and renewables.